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The Problem
Your planning system is significant but insufficient to meet today's information requirements for rapid operations decision making. Faced with shrinking decision windows manufacturers need access to actionable information on demand. Planning systems suffer from "character flaws" that hinder your ability to obtain the actionable information you need when you need it.

The Solution

Zequent offers an order management solution which supplements your planning system and helps your business ship quickly, efficiently and on-time.

See how you can benefit beyond improved customer service with an upgraded order management capability. Learn how your firm will experience  an increased cash flow, reduced personnel stress levels and many other benefits.


We invite you to browse our resource library. You'll find helpful information on how to implement order management solutions, how these solutions will benefityour firm, and more.

You will learn how to improve your ability to meet customer commitments and better serve your customers.

ResourcesOver the past 20 years our Order Management users have written many reviews of our product, our services and the results received.  You'll find some of those reviews in this section.

They'll provide insights regarding how Order Management has impacted both the business's buttom line and personnel.

The Problem

The Solution



Solution Summary

The Zequent solution, consisting of equal parts software and proprietary methodologies, is straightforward, easily implemented and non-disruptive.  We install in 1 day, implement in 1 week and provide a substantial initial ROI in 1 month.

The solution is particularly effective in 4 areas:

  • automating the problem identification process
  • continually monitoring the backlog,
  • supporting production meetings focused on problem resolution
  • providing the critical performance feedback.

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