Zequent's Singular Focus

We are a "1 trick pony" - Order Managment is all we do.

Since 1992, Zequent has been singularly and uniquely focused on helping manufacturer's improve their customers' buying experience through improved customer service.

This singular focus has resulted in a unique perspective regarding order management and the development of a proven solution which boosts your customer service to industry leading levels. Our clients meet customer commitments without last minute surprises, unexpected extra effort or costs because they have visibility of the intra-day changes and their impact on customer service as they happen! Conflicts requiring immediate action are identified and addressed Now! There is no waiting to review tonight's MRP/ERP/APS processing tomorrow morning.

Enhancement Not Replacement

Our products are adjuncts to planning systems (ERP, APS, etc.), not replacements, and available for on-site or cloud implementations. When implemented they:

  • practically eliminate the tedious data extraction tasks typically required of your planners, schedulers, buyers and production supervisors resulting in improved productivity and efficiency across the organization.
  • provide management with the feedback mechanism so critical to keep the whole team focused on the define goal.