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Improve Order Management to Better Meet Customer Commitments

Zequent offers a system that helps improve your order fulfillment in a variety of ways. The result is a better way to meet customer commitments, which makes your business run more smoothly.


Why You Scramble to Ship On Time

Aberdeen Group reports "best in class" firms are meeting customer commitments about 94% to 96% of the time. A firm shipping $50 million per year at 96% on time is shipping 4%, or $2 million, late in that same period. That equates to $167,000 that ships late every month. So why is it so difficult to ship 97%, 98%, 99% or even 100% on-time?

Shipping Challenges

Unfortunately, it isn't one thing. It's the many shortcomings to your order management capabilities that make shipping on time such a challenge. These order management shortcomings start to impact your delivery process the very minute you accept a customer order and extend throughout the entire life of each order.  Think about how you currently address these issues:

  • Determining if the Delivery Commitment You Just Made Invalidated an Earlier Commitment and in What Way
  • Determining whether This Order's Requirements Align with the Current Plan, Material or Production
  • Determining If You'll Need to Expedite Any Materials and No Support for Coordinating All Expedited Deliveries
  • Setting Vendors' Delivery Priorities
  • Following-Up With Vendors to Ensure Vendors' Shipments Support Each and Every Requirement
  • Identifying Critial Events
  • Identify Orders That Can Ship Earlier Than Promised
  • Setting Production Priorities
  • Providing Visual Shop Floor Controls
  • Determine Material Availability without releasing manufacturing orders
  • Avoid Chasing Parts When It's Time to Actually "Cut Metal" Per the Shop Orders

Decision Windows

Consider the small (and getting smaller) decision windows that create the need for more information faster than your item-based planning systems can deliver. This can result in the need to spend more time than you have determining:

The Answer to the "Beginning of the Day" Question — Which Orders Are Impacted When a Vendor Advises a Shipment Will Be Late - The Status of a Specific Customer's Orders On-Demand — What Is in Your Supply Chain