On Time, Every time!

Providing Order Management Solutions

Zequent offers a proven order management solution (powered by Systems Plus's award winning OTTO software)
to help your business ensure shipments are ready as promise and meet those shipment dates efficiently,
without additional costs and last minute surprises for an improved customer experience on the part of your customer. 

How Order Management Works

Order Management extracts data from your planning system (ERP/MRP/APS, etc.) then uses a proprietary process to sort through the extracted ERP data, rapidly creating a work file of indented soft linkages between demands and supplies. This work file contains a direct link between every customer order and every material and component required. As a result it becomes obvious where everything is going and what activities are required by which products and shipments and to find those (perhaps few) activities that might delay an entire shipment. 

Materials and . . .

But it isn't just about material, supporting activities can also be the real cause of delays. Some non-material events customers have monitored using OTTO include:

  • Outside services (such as heat treating and plating)
  • Q/A for pharmaceuticals and inspection
  • Moving off-site inventory to the plant
  • Moving inventory from temporary (conveyer) locations to a pick-able location
  • Prioritizing the delivery of overseas containers
  • Scheduling design engineering in a make-to-order environment.

How Order Management is Used

OTTO provides the ability to proactively manage the entire customer order backlog from beginning to end. Order Mnangement begins monitoring orders as they’re booked to identify and prioritize those critical events that must occur if orders are to be available for shipment as promised. 

Backlog monitoring capability dramatically improves the effectiveness of planners, schedulers, buyers and production supervisors (knowledge workers) by virtually eliminating manual data mining so they spend more time applying their knowledge to analyzing, coordinating and communicating ensuring commitments are met. 

Deliver the Perfect Order

Order Management improves your firm's ability to deliver the "perfect order"  with a unique, proprietary order management methodology. This order management "template" provides leaner office processes, rapid decision support, and more.

Everyone Is in the Know

With Zequent, a single set of facts is shared by all so personal spreadsheets can be eliminated - there is only one version of the current status. You'll get concise actionable order status information on demand without having to dig the data out of the MRP database then manually convert the data to actionable information saving knowledge workers multiple hours per day.

Multiple Presentation Formats

Order Management's ouput can be in report or query form, provided by a  business intelligence (BI) interface  or downloaded to Excel.

Improved Customer Service

With Zequent's Order Management solution, you can expect a high percentage of on-time shipments. Order Managtement makes this possible by:

  • eliminating MRP data diving.
  • continually monitoring the order backlog to identify orders facing potential delays then notifying the appropriate individual.
  • automatically identifying orders ready for early shipment,
  • coordinating and reducing expediting

Rapid Implementation

Most data warehousing and BI projects take months to deliver results; our solution installs in 1 day, implements within 1 week and delivers the initial ROI in 1 month. And unlike nearly every other information effort, IT will spend less than 30 admin hours in the first 12 months. 

A Great ROI

The solution requires a one-time mid-five figure license fee, or is available on a subscription basis. Lifetime maintenance is included in either the one-time or monthly license fee. The initial ROI will occur within one month; the full ROI generally occurs in one quarter.
And because Order Management evolves with changing priorities and delivers on-time shipments at over 98% you'll see continued ROI for years to come.

Low Risk

There is little risk associated with an Order Management implementation. Since Order Management automates your current manual processes users are instintively fimilar with its operation so the learning process is accelerated. And because Order Management does not change MRP data the system risk is practically non-existence.

The Proof 

Our customers have been using the solution continously for many years, some more than 15 years.  They consistently :

  • ship on time 98% or better .
  • reduce lead time for key items in the 25% to 50% range 
  • improve throughput by 25% to 300%
  • reduce WIP inventory in the six and seven figure ranges. Two examples:
    1. $700,000 WIP reduction in 44 days
    2. $1,000,000 WIP reduction in 12 months.

You'll find verification of these ROIs in the case studies located in Resources and customer comments in Reviews